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Elysium Urns for Cremation Ashes

Nobody wants to buy an urn, it’s an object we wish didn’t have to exist, but storing the ashes of a loved one is something most of us will have to face some time.

There is an endless range of urns on offer from around the world made from a variety of materials, but there are very few that aren’t mass produced or that are made by hand with the care and thought and love that requires.

We make hand blown glass urns here at Elysium, with a hand made cloth bag inside to hold the ashes. Clients can choose the colour, request an inscription, we can even design an urn especially to represent a person. We try to make everything to the highest quality and with great heart.

Here’s an email we had in response to receiving one of our urns, which sums it up perfectly:

I just wanted to confirm that the urn for my late wife’s ashes has arrived safely and to thank you for crafting such a beautiful thing. I’m sure she would have approved. She left specific instructions requesting this – so we had to get it right!

There is no reason why urns for ashes can’t be beautiful as well as functional. There is no reason why urns shouldn’t be a work of art in their own right. Find one you love, it can reflect  the person whose ashes will go inside.

We are lucky enough at Elysium to be recommended in the Good Funeral Guide, and you can see our hand made urns there too.
The Good Funeral Guide is a brilliant resource, it helps anyone looking to find a way of organizing a funeral in a more personal or alternative way. It is highly regarded and very well researched.


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