Urns for Ashes

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It is very interesting to see how people find us at Elysium Memorials. I have no doubt we can offer people something really special and original to help them celebrate and commemorate a life, but how do they find out we are here?

I think more and more people are using Google images to make their searches, which infact works well for us, as our artworks look very different from any other memorials out there. This is particularly true of urns for keeping cremation ashes. When you put a search in, thousands of mass produced urns come up, and the few carefully designed, hand made ones shine out like gems amongst them. I have definitely noticed an increase in enquiries for urns, and I’m sure this is the reason.

We recently shipped one over to Hong Kong. The ashes are permanently placed in a Columbarium in Hong Kong, and our client wanted something really special for the ceremony. He was delighted with the result, here’s a photo before it was sent off.resizef

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