Tree of Life

Over the past year we have been working on a memorial sculpture project for a special school in Lincolnshire. They wanted to remember the students and staff, associated with the school, who had over the years, sadly died.

The theme of the sculpture was to be “The Tree of Life.” The design we came up with is a tree within a tree. The main body of the tree has a sandstone trunk and a Portland stone top with a smaller tree carved into it with glass mosaic leaves and apples. These represent the students within the school growing and flourishing. Glass apples are also around the trunk, each one with the name of a person to be remembered engraved onto it.

Placing the sculpture in the courtyard of the school was quite a job with the big stone well over half a tonne. We had to use specialist lifting equipment and a specially made crate to place it. With a great team effort all went smoothly and after several days of work it was successfully installed and looking great.

This is the biggest piece Elysium Memorials has done so far and a wonderful challenge. We look forward to more in the future, we love a challenge!

Lifting the tree into place

Finishing touches to sculpture

A sculpture to remember pupils and stall of a special school who have sadly died


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