Elysium Testimonials


Sue’s son found us and helped her think about the sort of memorial she might like. She wanted to keep Nigel’s ashes within the sculpture, they are safe in an urn in the base. Here is Sue’s response to the finished piece:

“After my husband passed away following a short illness in October 2016, my family and I began to think about what we should do with his ashes. We considered several possible things as we were not happy with just scattering them. We did some research and decided to look into a sculpture to put in the garden which could contain the ashes. Nigel always loved the garden and we felt this would be fitting.

I spoke and length with Kate about what would best represent Nigel’s life and his place in our family and she made several visits to our home to make sure we were happy with her design. One of the things he always loved was archaeology and he decided during his retirement to study this in more detail. Unfortunately he became ill shortly after retirement and he didn’t get to pursue this for as long as he hoped. Kate came up with a design which represented a gardening theme, incorporated the shape of ancient tools and also brought into the design our family members. I was absolutely thrilled with the end result.

The sculpture now has pride of place in our garden. It is a great comfort to have it there so that we can still feel close to him and it is wonderful that it represents our dear husband, father, son and grandfather in such a special way.”

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