Elysium Stories

Mrs P’s Story

Following a magazine article featuring Elysium, we were approached by Mrs P who was very taken with our idea of a memorial for the home. She had recently moved house since the loss of her husband to be closer to her family and was no longer able to visit his grave on a regular basis. She was therefore keen to have a commemorative piece to reflect on which she could keep with her.

After a telephone consultation, our designer drew up some suggestions and sketches based on information provided about his life. Once a design had been decided upon, this just left the inscription. Initially, we were asked to provide some appropriate words based on her husband’s love of the sea, as he had been a keen sailor, which we happily did. However, when the family all sat down together and chatted about him, they thought a line from a favourite song might be more appropriate.

Mrs.P was thrilled that the process had brought the entire family together to sit and talk about his life and passions in a positive and comforting way.

The resulting artwork sits on a low windowsill in the big family room of her new home, catching the light throughout the day. Sometimes she will talk about it with visitors, other times it is a focal point for quiet, personal reflection.