Elysium Stories

Lisa’s Story

Sometimes we are approached to make a commemorative artwork long after someone has died. The stories of a life are always passed down verbally. There is rarely a physical, symbolic reminder that encompasses that individual’s unique life story and prompts family members to talk about that person long after they have gone.

Lisa’s story is a really touching one:

“The summer of 2013 was the 20th anniversary of my dad’s death. Twenty years felt like a real milestone. This anniversary not only felt like an important time to reflect upon him, but seemed all the more pertinent because I was pregnant with my son. I wanted to mark it in some way, so the idea of a ‘memorial’ of some kind for my dad which could be passed on to my son, seemed perfect.

I loved the idea that Elysium could create a beautiful piece of artwork which was significant to me and that I could keep in my home. As a family we have important places which we can visit in memory of my dad, but the idea of having a piece of art which would be ‘mobile’ and could be taken to wherever I lived, really appealed. It could be something I could talk to my son about as he grows up and hopefully he could learn about his granddad through it.



The piece was created after several conversations with Kate to discover the sort of thing I was after, with elements of my dad’s life to be incorporated. The materials to be used were an important factor for me and I liked the idea of a glass bowl on slate. The final piece has a blue glass bowl signifying water, as he enjoyed fishing. The engraved wave design illustrates the sea at St Ives, a favourite family holiday destination. The bowl sits on a gorgeous rugged lump of Welsh slate. My dad spent some of his childhood growing up in Wales, where my grandmother’s family came from.”