Elysium Stories

Jos’s Story

I have always been very close to my Dad, so when he died I was bereft. He had held my hand literally and metaphorically throughout my life. I was left with an overwhelming sense of emptiness.

When I was ready, the idea of making a sculpture in his honour helped me focus on his life, and specifically our relationship, rather than his death.

Kate and I talked about him, what he enjoyed, his character, significant places and things. There was a bay, a hill, his love of photography and music, his kindness and warmth. And his intense blue eyes. She was sensitive, thoughtful and imaginative in how this mish mash of ideas could come together in stone and glass.

Kate made a maquette first, then the final piece in Portland stone and glass. It captures the essence of my Dad – what mattered to him and what connected us. I love it.

When I look at it I think of my Dad, not in a sad way. It makes me remember him and smile.