Elysium Stories

Helen C’s Story

Helen came to us asking for a collection of ashes in glass pieces after losing her beloved dog Bramble. She wanted pebbles she could pick up and put in her pocket to take out walking with her new dog, so Bramble went for the walk too. She wanted pendants to wear and keep Bramble close to her; and brightly coloured marbles to keep in a bowl, to give to others in the family.

In Helen’s own words;
“The beautiful “treasures” as I like to call them are smooth and tactile pebbles, sparkly marbles and light reflecting pendants. The secret inside the wonderful “treasures” is the tiny trickle of the ashes of my best canine friend ever. My Bramble dog gave us 16 years of smooth, tactile, sparkly love that reflected light over our whole family. To be able to keep her close to us is a gift, given to us by the talents of the Elysium artists. I’m so very thankful to Kate and Sonja.”