Jewel Urns

Precious gems hold great significance and meaning. They commemorate and celebrate anniversaries or engagements, or can be given simply as tokens of love. Birth stones can also be a beautiful and meaningful way to represent someone and their life.

Elysium Memorials have taken this idea and designed a range of Jewel Urns. Each urn has a hand-blown white glass body, on top of which is a jewel of your choice.

Master craftsman and glass sculptor Steve Frey, carves and polishes an original, unique gem from an ingot of coloured crystal. The facets make it sparkle and glint, exactly like a giant gem stone.

  • Full sized urn
  • Each jewel is unique
  • A handmade bag for holding the ashes is included
  • A wide range of colours are available
  • Handmade in Somerset.
  • An inscription can be added to the base
  • To request another colour contact Elysium Memorials

Allow 7 – 9 weeks for delivery. We hold a small stock but not in every colour, please contact for full details.

Approx size 20cm x 23cm.

Price includes P&P