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We had a nice piece written in a local paper about us recently, so thought we’d share the article here:


Heirlooms of the Future

What is an heirloom? Do you own something precious and personal you would like to pass on through the family?

Many of us have treasured objects that remind us of our parents, grandparents and sometimes from even earlier generations. Knowing they had touched them in the past imbues them with a strong sense of their presence to us. Perhaps it is a painting, a piece of china, a well worn wooden chair, a piece of jewellery or other personal effect.

What do we think our generation will hand down? In our fast moving, electronic and throw away society, do our homes even contain meaningful possessions which have been well made, designed to last, and of a quality to be able to pass on?

A group of Frome based artists have formed Elysium Memorials with the aim of making beautiful objects that speak of our time and people, to be handed on in the future. They design and produce memorials for the home and garden, each one made to reflect the life and individuality of the person it represents. Their work includes garden sculpture and furniture and hand blown glass bowls, candle holders and urns, often with a hand engraved inscription.

Kate Semple a stone carver and sculptor who founded Elysium Memorials, helps people decide how they would like to mark the life of the person they have lost.  “I think the days of cold slabs of stone in cemeteries are coming to an end, as many people are looking for something more personal, with heart and warmth that they can take with them when they move or hand down through the family. Something lovely to look at and with great personal significance,” Kate explains.

“The idea of having a personal memorial at home is a relatively new concept, but Elysium have observed the ways people celebrate a life are shifting. As society begins to lean towards more secular ideals and rituals such as  humanist funerals, and green or woodland burials alongside more traditional rites of passage, so too the markers and memorials are also changing.

It’s an absolute privilege to make memorials by hand – continuing the time-honoured craft skills of true artisans; creating beautiful objects which both honour a person and give great comfort to their families with the meaning and memories they hold.

There is a quiet revolution going on in this most traditional of industries and we are very pleased to be part of the forefront, helping lead the change to embrace something which feels much more human. – surely everyone deserves that honour after a life well-lived?”

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