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What a Pleasure to Design a Sculpture for Karen in Memory of her Dad


We are lucky enough to meet some wonderful people through Elysium Memorials. Kate has often felt deeply moved and humbled by their stories and honesty and kindness. This was certainly true when Karen approached Elysium, looking to have a sculpture made in memory of her dad who had died suddenly, very recently.

Sometimes people take a long time deciding what aspects of a persons life they would like represented in a memorial, but Karen knew exactly what she wanted. Her dad had played in a military band, and music had been a big part of his life and career, so she wanted a treble clef used in some way to illustrate this. He was also a big football fan, Sheffield Wednesday his favourite team, so the colour blue was requested.

Once Kate had the design brief she set to and came up with a design, did some drawings and sent them off to Karen. She loved the ideas, so production started.

Kate carved the Portland stone sculpture in her workshop. Sonja Klingler blew the blue glass rods at her studio, to be cut and polished and placed inside the sculpture.

Karen also wanted to have her dad’s urn of ashes with the sculpture. Local metal fabricator, Jim Kelly made a hollow steel plinth for the sculpture with a removable base, so the urn could be placed inside and sealed.

Once all the components were done Karen came to collect her sculpture. It was a great pleasure for Kate to meet her and show her the sculpture, she was thrilled. Kate very much enjoyed hearing stories about her dad and where she’s going to keep the sculpture over a cup of tea. She then loaded their sculpture in to the car and waved them off on their long journey home to Yorkshire from Somerset.




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