Our designer Kate Semple had been exploring the idea of “Life Totems” having made a series of totemic-based sculptures for an exhibition. Constructed from a series of elements with a narrative thread linking them visually, she saw this as the perfect way to create a living memorial and legacy to pass on.  

These “Life Totems” give an individual the opportunity of taking ownership over the type of memorial chosen to represent their life. The resulting sculpture is to be enjoyed by all in life, and then becomes a personal heirloom, and an alternative to a more traditional headstone after death.

Our client Meretta was also very keen to be “hands on” in the process and as she lived locally this was easily achievable. Here are some of her thoughts about her experience of creating and making a Life Totem.

"It was a wonderful, liberating process right from our initial chat about my life and the search for meaningful objects. I'd never worked with clay or stone before, so that was exciting and quite scary at first, but I ended up with something I love. Then Kate worked with it all, and when she delivered the final piece on a beautiful pedestal, so evocative of me and my life and my life's journey. I felt really overwhelmed. I see it every day and I believe that Kate has given me a powerful, positive representation of who I was and have become. Thank you for everything Kate!"