Not long before Laura's husband died they had their clasped hands cast in plaster. This captured just a brief moment in time, yet signified an immensely poignant representation of their life together. Laura approached us not long after to see if we could cast the hands in bronze and mount them on a suitable base. After casting the bronze we mounted it onto a marble base and included a small personal inscription. The burnished highlights accentuate the form and the quality and permanence of bronze offer a beautiful memorial to pass on to future generations.

We were so taken with the resulting sculpture that we are developing the process further.

Our Hands in Bronze Range

When Laura brought the plaster cast to the studio, she was also taken by some of the sculptures Kate Semple was working on – a series of stone animals on metal plinths for an exhibition. This triggered an idea that she would also like to have a Staffordshire Terrier carved in the same style as both she and her husband loved the breed. Laura's Portland Stone “Staffy” sits at home on the patio, guarding the gate and gets a loving pat on the head each time she goes in and out of the house.