Hands Cast in Bronze

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Sometimes making memorials for people can be such a rewarding and touching experience it is humbling. Elysium has just completed a piece that fits this description perfectly.

Kate was contacted by a woman who had recently lost her husband. While he was in the hospice they had their entwined hands cast into plaster. A few months after he died she decided to have them cast into bronze and a base made so she could keep them as a precious and incredibly personal and meaningful sculpture at home.

This is just the sort of project Elysium enjoys, bringing together the skills of several different disciplines to create something completely unique to commemorate a life. We were absolutely thrilled with the results, and so was she.

Kate was so taken with the project she’s been honing her casting skills to offer the possibility of taking casts of people’s hands in the local area. She said “I loved the concept so much, and the results are so beautiful, I’d like to offer it to those who would want to capture forever, a fleeting moment of their lives together”. She hopes to offer it to hospices and hospitals in her area in the not too distant future.031 035