We are sometimes approached by other designers who appreciate the value of having something individually designed and British Made to celebrate a life. Once such designer is glass artist Steve Frey, who already cuts and polishes many Elysium designed pieces. A well respected International artist in his own right whose craftsmanship is second to none, with a distinctive personal style, Steve has designed and made his own unique vase for Elysium. Specifically made to incorporate a longer inscription, his ingenious skill of polishing the surface of glass to create a series of refracting optical lenses results in an intriguing and contemplative artwork.


Elysium is thrilled to have begun to working relationship with the superb box maker Phil Brown. His completely unique boxes are perfect for keepsakes or ashes, and couldn't be further away from anything mass produced.

Phil sees his work as a celebration of wood, and the use of traditional hand tools and woodworking techniques. He works fairly freehand, sculpting the wood, giving the boxes a wonderfully organic feel.