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Elysium’s Art to Remember on the BBC Website

Personalised art to remember lost loved ones

The UK’s death rate is projected to rise over the coming years as the baby boomer generation begins to disappear.

Almost half of England’s cemeteries could run out of space within the next two decades, a recent BBC survey suggested.

But now a group of artists in Somerset are pushing for a new way to remember the dead.

Elysium Memorials was founded by Kate Semple, a stone carver who realised that there was a growing demand for the commissioning of personalised artworks and sculptures in place of traditional headstones in graveyards.

The group produces personalised sculptures, with details customised to reflect the character of the person they are dedicated to.

BBC News went to Somerset to meet one woman, Helen, who sought out the artists when her husband suddenly succumbed to meningitis.

Video journalist: Julia Macfarlane


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