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At Elysium we make personal, bespoke memorials which are beautiful, unique pieces of artwork in their own right, yet the origin of their creation honours the life of a loved one.


Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.

Rabindranath Tagore

Welcome to the Elysium Memorials website, please do browse around our pages.

Thinking of commissioning a contemporary memorial?

Visit: Home and Garden commissions and the Stories pages to see the wide range of bespoke memorials we have made for other people in the past.

If you are more interested in a funeral urn, garden urn or keepsake urn for ashes, or some glass with cremation ashes inside then look on the Shop pages.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements further: info@elysiummemorials.co.uk

At Elysium Memorials our aims are:

  • To produce contemporary memorials for the home and garden. Artworks that include sculpture, glass memorial pieces or urns for funeral ashes.
  • To support our bereaved clients through the grieving process by listening to them and producing something completely unique for them, that speaks about the person they’ve lost.
  • To design and make everything to be unique. All our memorial products are made by hand in the studio in Somerset, so there will never be two exactly the same.
  • To offer a friendly and personal service. We are always happy to do whatever we can to make sure a client’s urn, garden memorial, or memorial for the home really fits the brief and truly reflects the person it represents.
  • To celebrate and encourage the incredible creative talent and craftsmanship we have here in the UK. We are based in Frome, Somerset and the artists we are lucky enough to work with at Elysium Memorials are amongst the best in their given fields.
  • To bring something completely original to the funeral and cremation product market that isn’t mass produced or imported. We make memorials and urns that are truly bespoke and 100% Made in Britain.

Our Products

Elysium memorials are all handmade to order by artists based in Somerset. We will always work with the client to meet their individual needs and we offer a wide price range to suit everyone.

Memorial for the home

Memorials for the home

Memorials for the garden

Memorials for the garden

Glass Memorial Pebbles

Glass Memorial Pebbles



Ashes in Glass candle holder - a small amount of cremation ash is captured within the glass

Glass with Ashes

Traditional-Bronze-Out-door-Urn for ashes in domestic setting

Bronze outdoor Pebble Urn

Jos’s Story

Kate made a maquette first, then the final piece in Portland stone and glass. It captures the essence of my Dad – what mattered to him and what connected us. I love it.

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Our Blog

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Musical Memorial

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Garden Memorials and Urns : The Popular Choice

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