Candle Holder Urn

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Oh my goodness me, I’m so pleased with this urn we have just made for a client. I love the swirls in the glass and mix of colours, I love the proportions and its feeling of quality. This is what … Read More

Memorials with Meaning

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The gravestones of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together under their religion, Holland 1888.   This is a wonderful photo and a great reminder for us to be true to ourselves … Read More

Memorial Pebbles

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After all the time and effort that went into developing our new Memorial Pebbles, it is wonderful to have such a great reaction to them, and new possibilities opening up from them. We’re already working away at new designs and … Read More

New Products Coming Soon

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Will be releasing details of some new products.   Keep in touch with updates by following us on Facebook:


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I’ve just had a wonderful trip around Scotland kipping in a van, celebrating my 50th year. One of the many fascinating places we visited was the garden created by the artist Ian Hamilton Finlay known as “Little Sparta”. He built … Read More

Hands Cast in Bronze

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Sometimes making memorials for people can be such a rewarding and touching experience it is humbling. Elysium has just completed a piece that fits this description perfectly. Kate was contacted by a woman who had recently lost her husband. While … Read More

Stone Angel

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One of the things I most enjoy about Elysium is working with the other wonderful artist/craftspeople involved in making our memorials. When we first started I knew we had to have great photographs for our website and publicity, I was … Read More

Urns for Ashes

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It is very interesting to see how people find us at Elysium Memorials. I have no doubt we can offer people something really special and original to help them celebrate and commemorate a life, but how do they find out … Read More

Commemorative Sculpture with Glass

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I recently completed a sculpture for a client, and here’s a picture of it on their window sill. It’s made from Bath limestone, carved by me, Kate Semple, with glass rods hand blown by Sonja Klingler, each one cut and … Read More